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A photographic exhibition and book to raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

My Holding On To Hope London exhibition features, among others, actor Nigel Havers, TV personality Carol Vorderman, socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Actress Jenny Aguter OBE and MP David Lammy. All have had family members or friends who have had the disease. While treatment of ovarian cancer has improved dramatically, awareness of the symptoms is still dangerously low, with nearly a third of women being diagnosed in a hospital accident and emergency department after they have become seriously ill and in pain.

My mum only found out about ovarian cancer once it was too late. She was misdiagnosed by three doctors before a family GP friend suspected the disease. This exhibition was something that I wanted to do for her and to bring attention to a cancer that far too few people know the symptoms of and as a result kills thousands every year.”

The collection of tweleve portraits is entitled, Holding On To Hope, and was commissioned for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Each subject holds a photograph of the person they know or have known who have been affected by ovarian cancer. 

The exhibition is the second project I have shot for Ovacome.  

Ovacome’s chief executive Louise Bayne says:  “We are honoured that Andy has again chosen to support Ovacome’s drive to greater awareness of ovarian cancer, and proud to have such a generous, capable and talented professional on the team.

“The generous spirit in which Andy has given his time to the charity in the past, and which he continues to do with this new project has a direct impact for thousands of women, and their families, and enables us to continue to offer support, advice and information for thousands each year."

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