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Creating engaging and shareable content is essential in today's digital landscape.  Social media is a hungry beast and it needs feeding, constantly; and, like the rest of us, it needs feeding with good nutritious content.

The power of visual communication has reached an all-time high; as a result, photography is becoming more crucial to the promotion of a product or service than ever before.

Every business has a story to tell; from products to people and everything in between. Strong visual stories not only engage your audience but drive interest and generate top-quality stories, which can be used across all of your marketing channels.  This, in-turn drives sales and creates further brand interest. As a result, the return on investment makes it one of the most valuable and essential investments your company can make.



ABP Southampton

Partnered with the marketing and communications team at ABP Southampton to create editorial features for national and regional press, content for the company's website and covering live news events.  We created content for uploading to ABP's social media channels as well as photography for internal and external communications, including corporate portraiture for company reports and external agencies.



Changing Lives

The JST takes both disabled and able-bodied men and women to sea, to not only teach them how to crew a Tall Ship but to promote equality, sharing and to celebrate our individual differences through working together to achieve greater things. I was commissioned to create imagery that would tell the story of this unique charity's record-breaking around the world voyage; the first circumnavigation of the globe by a mixed ability crew.

Shot in New Zealand, Norway and India. These images formed the basis of the global PR and advertising campaign for the voyage.

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