Photo Essays


All I Want Is A Room Somewhere

On the 4th December 2017, activists took over a plot of land in Bournemouth, England, to provide a safe shelter for vulnerable and homeless people who were living on the streets at Christmas. A dramatic story unfolded. This is the story of Camp Sanctuary.

Athens: A City Under Siege

As the EU tightens its grip on Greece, the people of Athens are standing proud against all of the odds.


The Rolling Stones in Cuba

The story of the Rolling Stones historic free concert in Havana

The Night Tree.jpg

Tico Town

The story of Nuevo Arenal in Costa Rica

The Passenger.jpg

The Passenger

A photo essay shot during Taxi rides through Cuba.

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Skate Park Life

Skate park life in Germany and the UK

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Bowie and Berlin

David Bowies Berlin

Celebration Football_edited.jpg

Havana Football

The story of a little community football club in Havana, Cuba.

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Death In Paradise

A no holds barred look into Cock fighting in Indonesia